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You have decided what school you want to transfer to, so now what? You spoke to an advisor at your community college, but now it is time to speak to one at your prospective university. This is where you will make a plan for the next two to four years. It would be most beneficial to speak with your community college advisor and your university advisor to plan your education at the community college. This will help you have a more smooth transfer, ensuring more classes transfer.

Know what is expected of you. It is up to you to get your applications turned in by the deadline. Some are very early, so be prepared. You need to ask these kinds of questions when speaking with your university advisor. You need to know what GPA is expected or competitive. Do you need to take any entrance exams? All of things can greatly help you with your transfer.

At your new school, it may be difficult to get settled. Your school has many things to help students get connected. For instance, you particular department will have a number of learning communities. You can meet others in your same area of study and work together for a similar goal. This can also connect you with people who have already been through similar things you are going through. It is always nice to have someone to sympathize with you if you hit a rough patch. In addition to learning communities, there are a number of honor societies. Check out our list of honor societies, but know that this list is infinite. Honor societies can open up many doors to things you didn’t even know existed. You will be connected with people all over the country as well as wonderful advisors and faculty in your own community. Being in an honor society can open you up to many scholarships, and it looks very good on a transcript or resume. speak with an advisor make a plan know your deadlines entrance exams, gpa, fafsa learning communities honor societies
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