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Now, that you know you want to transfer, it is time to make it happen. Speaking to an advisor must still be your top priority. Since you are going to transfer, what are you going to transfer into? If you are visiting this website, you are most likely interested in STEM. The side bar on the right of the screen can help you determine which area of study interests you most. Although it is more important to choose your major and let your career find you, it may be helpful to have an idea of what careers are available to you. Remember, it is your choice what path to take!

This side bar will help you determine what major fits you, as well as, guide you in the academics that will most likely be required to study in that field. Be sure to double check these courses with an advisor at your new school. If you can take some of these courses before entering your four-year school, it will be very beneficial. Make a plan for your academic future. Keep this plan flexible but on hand to keep you motivated and on track.

“It is more and more necessary to have the problem solving and mathematic skills that are learned and practiced by STEM majors to qualify for most jobs.” (National, 2009). STEM careers majors academics problem solving mathematics
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