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Click here to send an e-mail to the editor of the Pathway2STEM Listserve, requesting a subscription. In your subject line of your e-mail message, please type: SUBSCRIBE TO Pathway2STEM LISTSERVE. Once we have confirmed your membership, your subscription request will be processed, and you will receive a confirmation message from the listserve.

Listserve Instructions

To post a message to the Pathway2STEM Listserve, please use the e-mail address:

Pathway2STEM Listserve Guidelines

Guidelines for messages posted to the Pathway2STEM Listserv:

  1. Messages should pertain to STEM degree transfer in some fashion, or be of immediate interest to Pathway2STEM members.
  2. Every message pertaining to STEM degrees will be disseminated. However, if in the determination of the listserv moderator, language is used by the author that departs from academic collegiality, the moderator reserves the right to offer an opportunity for the author to substitute alternative language. The author can either resubmit the message with alternative wording or simply confirm that, yes indeed, strong language is required to convey the message. In either case, the message will then be forwarded to the listserv without censorship.
  3. The Pathway2STEM listserv will be moderated, but the responsibility for the content of the message is entirely with the sender.
  4. When transmitting factual information regarding third parties make sure it is verifiable and that it will not generate high levels of concern regarding potential liability.
  5. Avoid sending private or personal messages.
  6. A public listserv is not an appropriate forum for lengthy dialogue. Be brief!

Note: Sending attachments or enclosures can slow the download speed of those accessing their email from home and can aid in the spread of email viruses. A recommendation is that you provide a URL (web site link) within the body of your message or provide additional information as to where members can follow-up.

National Science Foundation

This project is supported by the National Science Foundation.

Award Number: 0507882

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