Call for Nominations
2013 ACTER Professional Awards

ACTER Distinguished Service Award
The ACTER Distinguished Service Award recognizes members who have made significant service contributions to the association over a sustained period of time. This may include serving as an elected association official or providing exemplary services to one of the association?s major functions, such as enhancing the Journal. Nominees must be ACTER members, be nominated by peers, and have made significant contributions to the association for more than three years.

ACTER Meritorious Service Award
The ACTER Meritorious Service Award recognizes individuals who have made unique contributions to research in career and technical education during the previous three years. Contributions may be outstanding service, exemplary research activities, legislative advocacy or financial support. The recipient of this award may be a member of ACTER or from outside the association. Nomination by peers is required.

ACTER Outstanding Beginning Scholar Award
ACTER Outstanding Beginning Scholar Award recognizes members whose scholarly work has significantly contributed to career and technical education research and/or practice. Such contributions may include receipts of grants and contracts, publications in professional journals, presentations at regional and national meetings, and outstanding classroom teaching. Recipients of this award must be a member of ACTER, must be nominated by peers, and, at the time of the award is presented, must have five or fewer years of service in the profession after completing their highest degree.

Nominations must be received (via e-mail) no later than Friday, November 1, 2013. Nominations must include the appropriate cover page, a brief rationale for the nomination (approximately half a page but not to exceed one page), and a curriculum vita. E-mail nominations to:
Pradeep Kotamraju, ACTER Past President

ACTER Awards Cover Page