2011 Conference Proceedings

  1. Career and Technical Education Course Taking Patterns of High School Graduates: Exploring the Participation in the Most Frequent Sets of Occupational Areas
    Oscar A. Aliaga, Pradeep Kotamraju, and Emily R. Dickinson
    National Research Center for Career and Technical Education University of Louisville
  2. Influence of Gender and Computer Gaming Experience in Occupational Desktop Virtual Environments: A Cross-Case Analysis Study
    Lynna J. Ausburn, Oklahoma State University
    Paul Kroutter, Northeastern (OK) State University and Broken Arrow Police Dept.
    Floyd B. Ausburn, Oklahoma State University
  3. Perceptions of Technology Integration Training Methods Among Texas CTE Teachers
    Pamela Bracey, University of North Texas
  4. Look at Leadership: An Examination of Career and Technical Administrator Preparation in the United States
    Robert W. Clark, Pennsylvania State University
    Belinda McCharen, Oklahoma State University
  5. The Importance of CTE Administrative Internship Program Competencies as Perceived by CTE Administrative Directors
    Robert W. Clark, Richard A Walter, John C. Ewing, and Mark D. Threeton
    The Pennsylvania State University
  6. The Relationship of Work Engagement, Work-life Balance, and Occupational Commitment on the Decisions of Agricultural Educators to Remain in the Teaching Profession
    Nina Crutchfield, National FFA Organization
  7. A Phenomenological Study of Engineering Technology Graduates
    Michael Feutz and Richard Zinser, Western Michigan University
  8. Demographic Differences and Schooling Experience as Predictors of Career Choice
    Edward C. Fletcher, Jr., University of South Florida
  9. The Status of Career and Technical Education Masters Programs in the United States
    Edward C. Fletcher, Jr and Victor Hernandez-Gantes, University of South Florida
  10. Treatment of Missing Data in Workforce Education Research
    Sinan Gemici, Jay W. Rojewski, and In Heok Lee, University of Georgia
  11. Youth Motivational Factors Related to Performance in a State Horticulture Career Development Event
    Amy J. Jones, Neil A. Knobloch, Kathryn S. Orvis, Purdue University
  12. Teacher and Students Feedback on Reading Strategy Preference, Student Resistance and Response to Resistant Readers in Career and Technical Education
    Barrett L. Keene and Travis D. Park, Cornell University
  13. Designing an Instrument to Identify Instructor Characteristics and Trainee Reactions in U.S. Marine Corps Vocational Training
    Dan Lathers and James E. Bartlett II, North Carolina State University
  14. Isolating the Impact of Career and Technical Education Programs on Recidivism
    Eric Lichtenberger, Illinois Education Research Council and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  15. Where Is American Education Headed? Voices of Concern from Education, Students and Community
    Belinda McCharen and Lynna Ausburn, Oklahoma State University
    Rockel Etienne, University of Phoenix
  16. Professional Identity Development in Doctoral Students
    Katherine E. McKee and Donna M. Westfall-Rudd, Virginia Tech University
  17. Does Teacher Efficacy Change In Novice CTE Teachers?
    Christopher J. Ovrebo, Medford High School
    Bradley C. Greiman, University of Minnesota
    Richard Joerger, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
  18. Impact of Literacy Strategies on Career and Technical Education Students Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Development
    Travis Park, Cornell University
  19. A Descriptive Study of the Characteristics of Forestry Education in the Pacific Northwest
    Ashley A. Reeves and Kattlyn J. Wolf, University of Idaho
  20. Calculating Public- and Private-Economic Returns To Career and Technical Education Using State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) Data
    Tom Schenck, Jr, Iowa Department of Education
  21. Perceptions of Administrators in Kentucky Secondary Schools Regarding the Integration of Mathematics into Agricultural Education
    Matt Silvey, Austin Peay University, and Ryan Anderson, Iowa State University
  22. Description of the Role Stress Experienced by Career and Technical Educators
    Matt Spindler, State University of New York at Oswego
  23. The Effects of Concept Mapping and Case-based Learning Instructional Approaches on Automotive Problem Solving Skill
    Weerayute Sudsomboon, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
  24. What Do Programs of Study Look Like? Mandated and Supporting Components of CTE POS Observed in a Mixed-Methods Longitudinal Study
    Kirsten Sundell, Marisa Castellano, Laura Overman, and Oscar Aliaga
    National Research Center for Career and Technical Education University of Louisville