2010 Awards Recipients

Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Donna H. Redmann
Louisiana State University

Distinguished Meritorious Service Award

Dr. Steven R. Aragon
Texas State University

Outstanding Beginning Scholar Award

Dr. John Glen Cannon
University of Idaho

Outstanding Research Symposium Award

Building Conceptual and Theoretical Frameworks that Inform Research
 — Download Abstract (PDF)

Neil A. Knobloch, Purdue University

Outstanding Research Paper Award

Teacher Feedback on Reading Strategy Use in Career and Technical Education
— Download Abstract (PDF)

Laura A. Santamaria, Cornell University
Travis D. Park, Cornell University
Barrett L. Keene, Cornell University
Elizabeth van der Mandele, Cornell University
Marissa K. Taylor, Cornell University
Antonia Richards, Cornell University

A Qualitative Analysis of Teachers' Conceptions of Agriculture
— Download Abstract (PDF)

Shawn M. Anderson, Oregon State University
Jonathan J. Velez, Oregon State University
Greg Thompson, Oregon State University

Outstanding Poster Award

The Ongoing Consequences of the Carl D. Perkins Act Within-state Funding Formula on the Operational Infrastructure of CTE: A Modified Policy Delphi Study

Robert Adam Manley, Western Michigan University
Daisy Stewart, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Outstanding Poster Award, 1st Runner Up

Developing a Zoo-Based Assessment to Measure Science Interest and Knowledge

Noah Shields, Purdue University
Neil Knobloch, Purdue University

Outstanding Poster Award, 2nd Runner Up

Student Interactions and Concept Mapping in Online Courses of Study

Matt Spindler, SUNY Oswego