2009 Conference


Conference Organizers

Sponsoring Organization

Association for Career and Technical Education Research


Barry Croom
North Carolina State University
ACTER President

Richard (Rick) Zinser
Western Michigan University
ACTER Research Conference Chair

Steve McCaskey
Indiana State University
Omicron Tau Theta - CTER Conference Poster Session Coordinator

Edward Mann
University of Southern Mississippi
The Academy - CTER Conference Professional Development Coordinator (Symposia)

Principal Contact

Frankie Santos Laanan
Iowa State University
ACTER President-Elect - CTER Conference Coordinator

Iowa State University
N243 Lagomarcino Hall
Ames, Iowa 50011-3195
Office: 515-294-7292

Technical Contact

Donna Soulinthavong

Funding and In-Kind Contributors

The Academy for Career and Technical Teacher Education

Omicron Tau Theta

National Research Center for Career and Technical Education