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Last Updated 11/16/2005

Nathaniel and Mattea!
Nate at Home! Welcome to our Web page! My name is Nathaniel Alexander Wilson. That's me on the right. I was born December 8th of 2000. My parents usually call me Nathan or Nate, but my daddy sometimes calls me Alex.

My sister is Mattea Allison. That's her on the left (2 hours old). Her name is pronounced Mah-TEE-ah! She was born June 28th of 2003.

My parents, Michael and Kristine, set up this site to share pictures and information with family and friends. But don't let my parents fool you, I pick all the pictures of me, myself!

Buckle Up!

Be sure and visit the linked Web pages below. They contain pictures of me, my sister, family and friends, vacations, family gatherings, and even items of interest!

Nate and Mattea 2005

Mattea's Photo Album
Mattea - 15 Weeks Old
Mattea's 1st Birthday Party

Nate at 3 Months Old
Nate's Photo Album

California Trip April 2002
Iowa Cubs July 2003

Nate in Red Nate in California!

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