I really enjoy sports. My whole life I have grown up playing so many different sports. I played soccer, volleyball, flag football, and mostly hockey. Hockey has been my main sport since I was about 7, however I have skated since I was 3. I love not only playing hockey but also watching high school, college, and pro hockey.



I am a complete outdoors girl. If I could live anywhere in the whole world it would definitely be my cabin. I have practically grown up there every summer. I love being outside whenever I am there. I wake up at 8am and I am out on the lake till about 5pm. I love to swim, wake board, ski, tube, fish, boat, jet ski, tan, and pretty much everything possible you could do at a cabin.

I love being active in my SORORITY!!!! It is so much fun! There is never a dull moment with all the girls in our house and there is gamma_phi_beta_logo.jpgalways something to do whether itís just hanging out watching movies, talking, working on events for homecoming or Greek Week and so much more!!!






I LOVE to parrrrtaaayyy!!!! Going out on the weekends and just hanging out with friends, there is nothing better!!!