Bioinformatics Skills

    - Analysis of Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) data: De-novo Genome Assembly (Velvet, Ray) & Transcriptome Assembly (Trinity), Assignment to reference genomes (GSNAP), Differential Expression Analysis (HTSeq), SNP analysis
    - Proficient in biomolecular structure analysis including visualization (PyMOL), molecular dynamics (VMD, NAMD), energy calculations (SYBYL-Tripos), molecular docking (GLIDE-Schrodinger) & homology modeling (MODELLER)
    - Familiar with biological network analysis in CytoScape
    - Familiar with biological sequence and phylogenetic analysis in MEGA
    - Familiar with sequence alignment tools: CLUSTAL, MAFFT, MUSCLE

    Software Skills

    - Strong coding skills in C/C++, Perl (including BioPerl + PerlTk) and MATLAB
    - Significant experience in working in a UNIX/LINUX environment
    - Familiar with R & machine learning tool Weka
    - Familiar with HTML, MySQL

    Wet-Lab Skills

    - Fully proficient in techniques including genomic DNA & plasmid extraction, PCA, gene cloning, transformation, agarose gel electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE and Western blotting
    - Significant experience in biochemical methods such as protein & DNA estimation, protein purification & autoradiography
    - Significant experience in microbial culture, streak plating & phage titrations