I am currently a Postdoctoral Research fellow at Schrodinger, Inc. Previously, I worked as a summer intern at the Antibody Engineering Department at Genentech, South San Francisco during the summer of 2015. I was introduced to the field of antibody engineering through this internship and got interested in developing in silico approaches to predict liabilities in protein-based therapeutics.

I obtained my PhD in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology program at Iowa State University, working under the supervision of Dr. Robert L. Jernigan and Dr. Drena Dobbs. My primary research interests include utilizing the wealth of information in structure databases (PDB) to construct free energy functions for proteins and also understand how protein dynamics and conformational changes help them perform various functions in the cell.

I obtained an Integrated MSc (Hons.) in Biological Sciences and BE (Hons.) in Computer Science from BITS, Pilani, India and worked as a trainee for a year at the Sowdhamini Lab at National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), TIFR, Bangalore before joining the Jernigan Lab at Iowa State for my graduate studies.