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(for IWISE scientists)

In alphanumeric order.

HD9019 S432 D4457 1998

H is before S in the Roman alphabet

S679 N13 1999

S at the beginning of a call number is in order before any pair of letters starting with S

SB205 S7 L585 1987

S is before T

TA1800 H8 1998

Both start with T, then A is before K

TK57 A73 1986

Both start with TK, then numbers in the first group of symbols are ordered as integers, so 57 is before 5102

TK5102.5 B35

Both start with TK, then 5102.5 is before 5103.2

TK5103.2 N46 1995

Both start with TK5103.2, then N is before S

TK5103.2 S6524 1998

Both start with TK5103.2 S, then numbers in the second (and third, if there is one) group of symbols are ordered as decimals, so 6524 is before 79 since 0.6524 is before 0.79

TK5103.2 S79 1996

If you follow this order and can't find a book or journal on the Library shelves, please ask a librarian!

Kris Stacy-Bates
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