Pictures from Selected Sites: World War I and Modern Culture

The Lille Opera House toward evening. Lille is a beautiful town which was, for most of the war, behind the German lines. In '98 the study group stayed in Lille.

Trenches at the Newfoundland Memorial, on the Somme.

Another view of the trenches and no-man's land at the Newfoundland Memorial.

An unexploded shell from WWI. As many as 200 tons of these shells a year emerge from fields. Placed by the road by those who discover them, the shells are collected by government workers and taken to pits where they are exploded.

The Arch d' Triumphe, where France's unknown soldiers are honored.

The town center of Arras. Many buildings in France, such as the Hotel de Ville (with the tower), were destroyed in the war, being rebuilt after 1918 as they stood before the war's devestation.