Course Description: World War I and Modern Culture

Where we're aiming:

This course is an exploration of Modern Western culture as shaped by the events of W.W.I. More specifically, the purpose is to present students with an understanding of Europe's cultural ideals before the war, the events leading up to the war, the actualities of the war, and finally, the lasting impact of the war on Western culture, both by way of the myths that the war generated and its realities.

This course is for 3 undergraduate credit hours in either (but not both) of the following.

Students will "contract" for either English or history credit. When registering for the course, students will specify the type of credit they seek, and the final paper topic will be governed by that choice (history or English).

Class meetings at this time are scheduled for 8:00-12:00 Monday through Friday while we are in London. Some afternoons are scheduled for excursions in and around London. After our stay in London, we continue in France with discussions on our readings as we visit battlefields, memorials, museums, and sites important to the war and to Modern culture.

Students write a final exam in Paris and submit (personally or by standard mail) a research paper.

This course is no dud!