Program Fees, Tuition, and University Fees for summer 2005
   The balance for the following is placed on your U-bill:

Non-program Fees
   Students provide their own

The items above are estimated in the budget; actual figures depend upon individual preferences and arrangements, as for airfare, and upon the exchange rate:

(No values currently entered)

       Program Fee per student:                                        
       Non-Program Fee per student (estimated high):        
       Tuition and fees per student:                                      
       Total program cost per student:                             

        *This figure varies according to the exchange rate between the U.S. Dollar and the Pound/Euro.
        You may check on the current exchange rate here:

Arranging Air Travel

Upon enrolment, participants are informed of flight arrangements made by Gilchrist and Monroe. Participants may choose those flights or may reserve their own flights from U.S. to London / France to U.S.