Hi, my name is Kien Nguyen, and I am a sophomore in computer science with a strong background in mathematics, programming, and solid problem-solving. I am very passionate about technology and am always looking for new ways to apply my knowledge and skills to make our lives better.
Currently, I am looking for an internship in a computer-related field. My primary interests are in Web Development and Database Management.
My personal philosophy is "What you've learn is not important as what you've done."
You can find my resume here

I love networking and meeting new people - Please don't hesitate to email me at or find me on LinkedIn here.


At StartUp Weekend Des Moines, the goal of the weekend is to go from a business pitch to a up and running business in one weekend. One of my fellow classmates pitched the idea of BricKIT.
BricKIT is a web app that turns a high contrast picture into a Lego mosaic. It then gives the consumers the instructions on how to build their mosaic out of LEGO. The app we created also provides a full parts list so they know what LEGO pieces are required.

Check it out here


This was one of the individual projects in my CS227 - Object Oriented Programming class. It is one of the most fun activites we did in class. This game is about two robots competing in a grid of 15x15 squares. Each one has its own color and has to use this color to paint squares on this grid. At the end, whichever robot has painted the most squares wins the game.
Our teacher made this project as a tournament so that all students in the class could compete against each other. Whomever won this tournament got a special gift.
The UI of this game was provided by the instructor, our job was to write the algorithm to control the robot. I won this tournament and had a lot of fun in the process.
For more information about this project, you can download the design spec here: PaintBot Rules

Doubling ArrayList

This is one of the projects in my CS228 - Data Structures class and it was one of the hardest projects of that semester. The project required us to implement a linked data structure with an array in each node. It also had some specification for all the methods add, remove and iteration that we had to implement. It is a combination of the linked and array implementations of a list.

For more information about this project, please download the specification here: Doubling ArrayList

Politics Fun

This project is written in Python. There are total of n issues that senators have to vote on. Each senator's opinion about those issues is represented by a list of numbers 0 & 1. Our job was to determine who disagrees with whom the most and who agrees with whom the most.
I needed to create Vector and Matrix classes with all of their operations that we can easily compute in python.
Then given a text file, we compared Voting Records using the Dot-Product. We read the input file, then multiplied senators' represented lists together. Whomever had the greatest dot-product value agreed with each other the most and vice versa.

Work Experience
  • Research Assistant for Software Engineering group - Iowa State University
    - Collecting Data for Applications that run in both Android and Windows Phone
  • Teaching assistant for Introduction to Programming - CS207
    - Make weekly quizzes and sample exams
    - Administer discussion forum and submission board
  • Tutor in Calculus and Introduction to Computer Science at Academic Success Center - Iowa State University
    - Help students with these subjects, review overall concepts and practice by solving problems

I am a sophomore majoring in Computer Science at Iowa State University
I currently have a 4.0 GPA and I am expected to graduate in May 2016

    Courses I have taken:
    • Iowa State University
    • CS227: Object-Oriented Programming
    • CS228: Data Structure
    • CS321: Computer Architecture
    • CS363: Database System Management
    • CS330: Discrete Mathematics
    • CS104: Introduction to Programming in Python
    • STAT330: Statistics for Computer Scientists
    • MATH314: Graph and Network
    • CprE281: Digital Logic
    • Coursera
    • Design and analysis of Algorithm: Part1 - Certificate
Recognitions, Award and Extracuricular
  • Winner at Startup Weekend Des Moines 2013
  • Computational Thinking Workshop 2013 - Volunteer
  • International Incentive scholarship and Tuition Assistance Grant
  • First Prize in PaintBot's Control's Algorithms tournament for Freshmen in Computer Science
  • Dean List's Recognition 2012-2013
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering Club - Iowa State University
  • Engineering without border Club - Iowa State University
  • Coffee Tea English - Iowa State University