~Kellie Olson~


Here is some information about myself

  • I am a sophomore at Iowa State University
  • I am currently majoring in Psychology and minoring Statistics
  • My current GPA is 3.47 with 43.5 credit hours
  • I am employed by the National Tumbling & Trampoline Judges Association
  • I love watching the ISU Cyclones play!

    Here are some community service activities that I have participated in:

  • Coaching for Marshalltown Area Tumbling and Trampoline
  • Cleaning up local highway for National Honor Society
  • Annual East Marshall Community Blood Drive

    Here are some of my favorite links:

    This semester I am taking:

    1. Statistics 100
    2. Statistics 401
    3. Anthropology 201
    4. History 221
    5. Computer Science 107
    6. Religion 205