HISTORY 405:  Medieval Europe, 250-1050

Monday-Wednesday-Friday 9:00-9:50 (Fall 2013)
Meeting place:  0119 East Hall

History 405 is a survey of Western European History from 250 to 1050 C.E.  Students will explore the development of Western society during the Early Middle Ages through the reading and discussion of historical documents, traditional texts and lectures.  The course will examine events against the background of political, religious, economic, and social change.

Early Medieval Europe, 300-1000, by Roger Collins.
Before France and Germany:  The Creation and Transformation of the Merovingian World, by Patrick J. Geary.
Medieval Monasticism, by C. H. Lawrence.
Daily Life in the World of Charlemagne, by Pierre Riché, translated by Jo Ann McNamara.
A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, by Kate Turabian.
Internet access to the Internet Medieval Sourcebook.

Each week’s reading assignment includes selections from Collins’s Early Medieval Europe, selections from supplemental readings, and on-line primary documents, which will serve as the basis of discussion.  Students are advised to print assigned primary documents and bring them to class on Fridays for discussion.

Assignment details here.

Research paper details and requirements here.

Students will be evaluated according to their performance on exams, a writing assignment, and participation.  There will be two exams, consisting of identifications and essays.  Exams must be written in blue books, preferably in blue or black ink.  Students will write one formal 12- to 15-page research project.  (There will be a choice of paper assignments, the details of which will be discussed in a separate handout the second week of class.)  Finally, each student will be evaluated on participation (i.e. attendance, effort, willingness, and ability to participate in class discussions).  Work will be weighted as follows:  Midterm Exam = 30%; Final Exam = 30%; Paper = 20%; and Participation = 20%.

Attendance is mandatory.
Make-up exams will be given only under emergency circumstances.
All students must take both exams to pass the course.
No audits will be signed after the first week of class and no incompletes will be issued.

See me about work you will need to do for graduate credit.



Instructor:  Dr. Kevin D. Hill
Office:  659 Ross Hall 
E-mail:  kdhill@iastate.edu
Office Hours:  Mondays & Thursdays 10:00-11:45 a.m.