This page has brief descriptions of projects that I'm either actively developing or looking forward to developing.


1. Philosophy of Ecology, volume 11 in the multi-volume Handbook of the Philosophy of Science, senior editors Dov Gabbay, Paul Thagard and John Woods.
Bryson Brown, Kent Peacock and I are editing a collection of original papers on the history and philosophy of ecology and conservation science. Expected publication 2008. In development. Here's a link to a webpage with a list of contributors and paper topics.

2. The Story of Systems Ecology: A Philosophical History
This is a single-authored book project. I review the history and conceptual development of systems-based approaches in both pure and applied ecology, with a focus on network theory and thermodynamics as foundational frameworks. I examine a range of conceptual and methodological issues that are raised when viewing ecology as a science of complex systems. In development.


1. Technical Illustration

Kent Peacock, a philosopher at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, has written a wonderful new introductory text on the history and philosophy of quantum physics (see the image on the left).

I did technical illustrations for the book, approximately 25 in total. Here are a few samples. Click on them to enlarge (note: requires the Flash player plugin):

Wave Propagation Schrodinger's Cat Double-Slit

2. Educational Comics
As a philosopher and cartoonist I've had a long-standing urge to develop philosophy-related cartoons and comics. I've got something in development on this front. For now, check out this sample below. [Note: if you don't see anything below there's one of two problems. One, your browser doesn't have the Flash plugin installed. Two, you clicked on one of the images above and viewed it in that fancy overlay viewer, and you're using Firefox on a Mac. The javascript in that viewer conflicts with Flash files in that browser. It should work if you just refresh your page.]

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