Instrument Training

The mass spec lab personnel provide ISU's researchers with a proper training to use the Micromass GCT, Agilent QTOF 6540, Magnum GC/MS, Shimadzu LC/MS. In house made manuals and video training materials are provided prior to the actual training.

Agilent QTOF 6540 training:

There are three categories:

Category 1: users submitting samples and retrieving final results.
Category 2: users submitting samples but trained to process their own data.
Category 3: the following are the four levels for this category:

Level 1: Loop injection nominal mass ESI positive and negative ion mode.
Level 2: Loop injection High precision (Accurate mass) ESI pos and neg ion mode. This includes calibrating the mass spectrometer.

Level 3: Positive and negative ion mode LC/MS. This includes changing columns and solvents.
Level 4: MS/MS experiments (Special requests, need some supervision).

Level 2 candidates must fulfill level 1.
Level 3 candidates must fulfill levels 1 and 2.

All levels must be trained to process their data. Bioconfirm software will be included in all levels only upon request.
Continued and routine discussion with students is being effected to enhance their understanding of the mass spec processes used.

Students of all levels will be handed the training materials prior to training.

LCQ Training

Students are trained to use the instrument in the ESI, positive and negative ion modes. All students use MS mode and can be trained to use the instrument in the MS/MS mode.

The Finnigan LCQ Advantage is an ion trap mass spectrometer.  The instrument is capable of performing single stage LC/MS and two-stage LC/MS/MS experiments. Sample solutions could be introduced to the mass spectrometer via a loop injection or directly infused by a syringe pump. The LCQ components are shown in Figure 1. The instrument is equipped with an atmospheric Pressure ionization (API) interface, LC pump, Syringe pump, PDA detector, and Surveyor auto-sampler. Ions are generated in the Electrospray or APCI ion sources.  The instrument can be operated in positive ion mode or negative ion mode. Training Manual (PDF)

GCT training:

There are two levels:

Level 1: Nominal mass GC/EI

Level 2: Accurate mass GC/EI


Magnum training:

The Magnum training consists of three steps:

-First, students are given a one hour seminar. This seminar is focused on the principle of GC/MS using an ion trap detector.
-The second part of this training is dedicated to the computer based training FMTRAIN. This software is provided by Finnigan Corp. and is used to help the users to be familiar with the software.
-Finally, students are trained (on one to one basis) on how actually to operate the instrument. We recommend that students bring their sample mixture.