Spatial Data Analysis Lab

124 Davidson Hall
Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering

Ames, IA 50011

Remote sensing for agriculture and hydrology


Investigating the use of satellite, aerial, and ground-based remotely sensed data to improve agricultural efficiency and protect natural resources.

Spatial variability of soil and hydrologic properties


Studying the impacts of spatial variability on our ability to measure and understand properties which impact crop development, runoff, soil erosion, and water quality.

Crop modeling


Using crop development models to understand the effects of spatially variable properties, and to explore linkages between agricultural production and environmental impacts.

Precision agriculture


Studying ways in which site-specific farming can optimize production and efficiency while minimizing negative effects on soil and water quality.

Hydrologic modeling


Using hydrologic models, in combination with field measurements, to understand the hydrological behavior of water management systems, and to study the influence of alternative management scenarios.


Dr. Amy Kaleita, Laboratory Director

Laurimar Vendruscolo, PhD Student


Data mining and mapping for precision conservation

Zach Van Arkel, MS Student


Self-organizing maps for understanding soil moisture patterns

Derek Groenendyk, MS Student


Assimilation of soil moisture observations into DSSAT CERES-Wheat using a Kaman filter

Giorgi Chighladze, PhD Student


Sensor development for networked moisture and salinity data collection

Jim Newman, PhD 2010.
Program Coordinator, Iowa Water Center


Soil erosion prediction for shaping conservation policy and practice

Candace Batts, PhD Student.


Assimilation of sensor network data into agricultural decision support systems

Lingyuan Yang, PhD 2010.


Spatio-temporal patterns of field-scale soil moisture and their implications for in situ soil moisture network design

Brian Gelder, PhD 2007.
Research Scientist, Iowa State University


Use of remote sensing for tillage and crop detection and integration into a land management database

Kendall DeJonge, MS 2006.
Researcher, USDA ARS


Viability and impact on crop yield of various irrigation schemes in a central Iowa corn field

Geetika Dilawari, MS 2006.
Research Engineer,  Oklahoma State University


Analysis of the influence of soil roughness and crusting on soil moisture estimation

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