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June 17, 2011
 Katy Johnson





My name is Katy Johnson and I am an avid runner. I began competing in 5k running races at the young age of 11 with my dad. At first it was just a bonding experience but eventually I fell in love with what running had to offer.

There are many pros to running which include: keeping in shape, no gym membership cost, great stress reliever, and you can fit it in any time of the day. I have competed in over 20 5k races since I began running, and I hope to complete my first half marathon upon graduation in May of 2012.

Text Box: “Running is something that takes time, practice, and patience. Don’t get discouraged and remember that the pride you will feel in reaching that finish line is much greater than the pain you may feel in the moment.”
	- Dean Johnson (my dad)