NodeGame2 for Chemical Bonding

NodeGame2 for Chemical Bonding is an interactive tool that teaches you how to sketch the allowed linear combinations of atomic orbitals (LCAO's) that make up the delocalized molecular orbitals (MO's) for inorganic and organic molecules without using group theory. The first part of Node Game consists of a set of six interactive practice exercises that help you develop sketches for the LCAO MO's for H2, H2O, BF3, C5H5-, PF6- and (h5-C5)2Fe. The second part of Node Game consists of Homework Drawingboard; a program that allows you to sketch the permitted LCAO MO's and also the allowed vibrations for molecules possessing a wide range of geometries that you can create on your own.

You will find NodeGame2 to be most useful if you obtain a copy of the textbook that accompanies it. This short text, A Pictorial Approach to Molecular Bonding and Vibrations, by John Verkade of Iowa State University’s Chemistry Department, takes you step by step through the development of sketches of the LCAO MO's for examples of inorganic and organic molecules having a large variety of shapes. Included in the examples are polymers and solid state materials. The book, available from Springer Verlag, takes a non-mathematical, highly pictorial approach. All you need to know is a little high school chemistry and some simple high school geometry!

Downloading Instructions

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