John    Eryn

  The Baby O'Shriver Adventure Begins

Yes, many photos of me being pregnant. Click on a photo to enlarge it.

Easter 2005 at the O'Hare family farm. We were inspecting the construction Dad was doing on the east side of the house.

  Eryn after borrowing clothes for a business meeting. I was hoping for the sympathy vote. Angry faculty won't yell at a pregnant woman, would they??

Eryn and Pam helping friends move in Des Moines. Ok, so "helping" is a relative term.

Eryn working the Dr. Seuss Story Time at the book store. 

Yes, the Diabetic Diet allows only minimal carbohydrates in a meal, but no one said anything about what can go between those carbohydrates!

The maternal vibe is going strong. of the Proud Papa!

The still proud papa...

And, yes, even by himself, he's still so very proud!

In Lake Geneva at a family reunion. 34 weeks. Walking...good; sitting on ground...BAAAAD.