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The Baby O'Shriver Adventure
October 07
October 24, 2007

So, after our hiatus of 10 months we are back in the digital world, friends! We'll try to be better about updating this thing more often. Everyone I talk to who spends any time at our house eventually says, "Wow, I forgot how much energy a two-year-old has." Yeah. We know. That's why we keep inviting you all over. We're EXHAUSTED!! All kidding aside, we have to thank all of the friends and family who have been helping out since my unfortunate fall. It's hard enough to keep up with all your appendages intact, but being down one leg makes it 100 times harder. Oh, did I not mention that I broke my ankle the end of September? Three breaks, a pin and a plate later I am in a (very pretty purple) cast until the second week of November then they take more xrays and decide what kind of brace is next. For those not faint of heart, here is the xray,   . Gross, I know.

Well, to get everyone up to speed, JP is totally and completely a toddler boy. Last night, for instance, he was yelling "no supper" over and over as he walked (on his own) to the dining room to climb into his chair for supper. Incidentally he continued yelling "no supper" while he was eating his supper, too. We switched him to a different daycare in August. It is working out really well. He is spending lots more time outside and seems to really enjoy the other kids and all the activities. Having your child in daycare is a hard thing to do, so we are very thankful for the good experience he is having. I have been reminded that his vocabulary is quite extensive for his age. He has been known to talk in complete, calm sentences. Mommy and Daddy beg to differ as he only screams at us. But then I'm pretty sure his entire mission in life right now is to give us a nervous breakdown. I think he plots at night how he can make us crazy! Or possibly he and the girl who is slightly younger at daycare are working together. I'm told they chatter to each other all day, I have a feeling they are in cahoots!! Actually, he is quite a sweet little boy. He has been kissing mommy's "owie" leg to make it better. As well as singing to me. He does every third syllable of Jesus Loves  Me. It's incredibly cute!

So I have picked out a selection of more recent photos for your enjoyment. We hope you are all well and looking forward to the holidays.

Eryn, John & JP


December 19, 2006

So, being a little short on time and sleep this month we decided to have a holiday contest. "Who can add the best caption to the photo?"  You may or may not know some of the folks in the pictures, but don't let that stop you! There are an assortment of Grandparents, college friends and pets we consider family. Email your best effort to Eryn. Winning submissions will be announced after Christmas, OK after New Years--let's be real!

Have a great Christmas!! :)
Eryn, John & JP



November 4, 2006

Exploration is the name of the game here. Over, under, around, through, climb up, climb down, climb up again. Toddler on the move! We are anticipating JP's first airplane flight next week. Wish us luck!! Mommy's first plane trip was at 25. So we are in uncharted territory. 

Some of you know, JP had minor surgery the beginning of October for a hernia-type problem. He has recovered completely and the scar is starting to fade. Yea!

Pretty much everything we have to share this month is summed up in pictures. Including formal, 1 year pics. (Session/Roll ID:42042a104052258)

We hope all are well.
Eryn John & JP 




September 5, 2006
A whole year!!  Can you believe it?!?!?  We have all survived and are better for it. There are just two birthday pictures in this batch, but I didn't want to wait any longer to share other pictures. Suffice it to say, we came. There was cake. We all undressed. OK, only JP undressed, but everyone else was warned to come prepared to undress before dessert next time! Thank you for all the wonderful gifts JP received. He is enjoying them all. Particularly the cool weather clothes. It has suddenly become Autumn here. Highs in the middle 70's and lows in the mid-50's. I know it won't last, but it is a nice relief from the heat of August.

JP's one year check-up went very well. He is nearly 22 lbs and 30 3/4 in. and growing fast. He is not walking yet, but has started unconsciously letting go of whatever furniture he's holding. Just for a few seconds, but it is happening more frequently every day. We have also been practicing clapping together and giving high-fives. His favorite song right now is "If You're Happy and You Know It, Tickle Your Tummy."  We purchased what we hope is the final car seat before $20 booster seats when he is over 100 lbs. Woo Hoo!!

Finally, we have plans to visit friends in Phoenix in November. We haven't seen them in two years and are really looking forward to it. This will be JP's first plane ride. Tune in for all the gory details. Film at 11:00.

Our best to all!
Eryn, John and JP

July 2, 2006

My how the time slips away. In reading the last entry I realized how much John Patrick has changed since April. He is very independent, curious and happy. He is a master crawler (those two brain hemispheres have no problem talking to each other!). And is pulling himself up to standing on everything that will hold him and some things that don't. He's bonked his head enough times now that we no longer come running for every little topple. Most often he doesn't notice either. He actually sits down sometimes, I think, just so he can stand up again. At his 9 month checkup he was 20 lbs, 29 in.

We have reinstituted the bunny gate, less to keep the bunnies out as to keep JP in. His new mission in life is to terrorize the bunnies. Crash now runs when he sees JP. Tulip freezes, I think she thinks if she doesn't move no one will see her. Anyway, JP stands at the gate to the back porch and sings/yells/screeches to the bunnies. They have yet to appreciate the gesture.

In May we had JP baptized here in Ames. We had a wonderful turnout of friends and family. It was a special weekend and we are really glad that so many made the trip. As part of the festivities, we all trooped to Sears for group photos. Some worked, some not so much. Poor JP was so tired by then that he didn't smile much, but we had fun with all six cousins together for the first time and nearly all grandparents in one place.

As you will see in photos, JP is already earning his keep--dishes and lawn watering are just the beginning! He follows us from room to room always wanting to be in the middle of the action. His favorite bedtime books are Good Morning, Good Night (this one HAS to be read EVERY night), Bunny and Me, and I Love You Through and Through.

On that note we will wish you all well and hope to see you soon.

Eryn, John & John Patrick


April 11, 2006

Let the teething begin!!  Yes, we have two bottom teeth and the others are slowly making their way to the surface. May we recommend now as a good time to purchase stock in Infant Tylenol and Ambesol? JP is a very happy boy. His smiles are brilliant and easily given (then again what mom wouldn't think that!) and his frustration is short-lived. He is working very hard these days on trying to crawl. The coordination is not quite there yet, but we are having a fun time shouting encouragement and clapping every time he tries. Our daycare provider is taking her first vacation in years which means we are without her for two weeks. Our great thanks and appreciation go out to grandparents who are coming to stay with JP so John and I can keep working. Though for the couple days I am home, the good weather has made it very nice to walk in the afternoons. Easter pictures will come shortly after the holiday. We are looking forward to meeting the new baby chicks and ducks at my parents farm this Easter. No new height or weight measurements to report other than "heavy." Also new 7-month Sears photos* available here. Grandparents will be receiving copies soon.

We hope you are all enjoying spring and the anticipation of new life that comes with it!

Eryn, John & JP

*We have the copyright release for these photos, so can reproduce them at will. Please let us know if you would like a copy as we can print directly from the CD at a much higher quality than what we can post here.

February 25, 2006

 Boy, have we grown! JP has lots of tricks these days, favorites being...rolling front to back and back to front; pulling one sock off and gnawing on it until completely soggy then pulling the other off; and doing lots of baby push-ups. He is getting along great at daycare. Miss Nancy and the other kids are fun to see every day. We did have a bout of the Martian death flu attack our house in February. OK, so it was RSV for JP and sinus/ear infections for mom and dad. We appear to be inching our way towards health again as all of our antibiotics expire.   We made a short trip to see Great Gramma Bonnie in Illinois at the beginning of Feb. She and JP had great fun giggling and playing together. We have started some solid foods in the last week.
Consensus is "yea" on the oatmeal, "nay" on the rice, and "the jury's still out" on the peas.

JP has also, just in the last few hours, learned that thrashing one's legs in the bath makes fun splashes! 

Statistics from JP's six month checkup: 15lb, 3 oz. 27in, more shots and nasty looks at the nurse.

We hope your family is well and healthy and anticipating a great summer!
Eryn, John & JP



December 26, 2005

Whew!  We made it!  Office parties, dinner parties, sending and receiving gifts and cards, we made it!  Our first holiday as a three-some was monumentally successful.  We thank all who have sent gifts for baby John.  We are scratching are heads together to think of places to put all the toys.  Eryn keeps joking about how we need a bigger home.  John is still at home taking care of John Patrick, so if you want to send care packages to him you can.  J.P. will start daycare on the 23rd of January.  His four month check-up went swimmingly. Most recent stats: 12lbs, 15oz and 25 inches long. Still on track and everything looks great. With the exception of bedtime hysterics, JP is a pretty happy boy. He is little Mr. Sunshine in the morning. Unfortunately, when the sun sets, so does he. We've been referring to him lately as Baby Crabby-butt in the evenings. I know, it's all a phase and will pass soon enough, to be replaced by something equally disruptive...probably in the morning!  He likes to go to new places and watch what's going on. He does great in a crowd and doesn't mind being passed around one bit. With a little help he sits straight up and watches everything. Still not rolling over yet, but definitely lifting his head when laying on his tummy. 

A word of explanation, we upgraded to a much newer version of Photoshop recently and are still working out how to properly enhance and adjust photos. A few of the photos currently posted may be slightly off in coloring (OK so I know they are and I'm too darn tired to go back and redo them!). So, forgive this month, we'll get better as we go. :)

Professional photos from Sears at 3 months old.

Hope all is joyful and merry in your lives.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

Eryn, John and John Patrick


November, 11, 2005
Many apologies for the long time between updates. Hopefully the new pictures will show that we have been terribly busy and will try harder this month to be more timely.

Happy Anniversary to us!  Yes, today is our 5th wedding anniversary. Can you believe it's been five years?? Wow!

The parent transition begins next week. Eryn will go back to work half time until after Thanksgiving, then full time. John will share half days then stay home for 8 weeks, until the end of January. We are all a little nervous, if for different reasons. However, we have found a wonderful in-home daycare provider who comes with very high recommendations. She will begin taking Baby John when dad goes back to work.

Some of JP's newest tricks include big smiles, small giggles, and full flailing arms and legs when the lighted star plays music on the playmat. He also noticed himself in the baby mirror the other day. He was mesmerized for a solid 20 minutes!  He and his reflection had a very in depth conversation. We also play "toes in your nose" which elicits BIG smiles. Statistics at his 2 month appointment: 10 lbs, 11 oz.; 23 1/2 in. The doctor was very happy with his progress.

Our congratulations to Aunt Debbie and Uncle David on the newest addition to their family in October. That makes four Grandsons on John's side of the family. 

We will have formal 3-month pictures taken next week and anticipate many Thanksgiving pictures as well. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. We thank God for all of our Grammies and Grampies, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and Friends every night in our bedtime prayers.

John, Eryn & John Patrick

September 27, 2005
I have finally had more than two minutes to work on this. Amazingly, the sound of the keyboard actually relaxes John Patrick enough to help him fall asleep. Weird. Anyway, we are working ourselves into something of a routine. Out of the big three, eating, pooping and sleeping, two out of three ain't bad. We are still having trouble sorting day from night. JP is practicing for grad school early by wanting to be awake from 5:00pm-2:00am and wanting to sleep all day. We take walks and make visits in the afternoons as mommy has never really been a morning person either.  We made it through our first big party in Des Moines a couple weeks ago and have been to church twice.  We had our two-week checkup and did very well. He was 7 lbs. 2 oz. and otherwise very healthy. We haven't weighed lately, but the "mommy scale" says he is over 8 lbs by now.

We are looking forward to a friends wedding in a couple weeks (our first formal occasion) and to Grampa, Gramma and Aunt Sally's visit from Colorado. Of course, Grammy and Grampy O'Hare live nearby and have been to visit several times. We just have to remember to get the camera out next time!

Enjoy the photos

August 26, 2005 Tuesday was optimistic.  As most of you know we are celebrating the birth-week of John Patrick Shriver. First things, first...
Wednesday, August 24, 2005, 10:30 pm
6 lbs, 5oz.
21 inches long

Many of you have heard the long version of John Patrick's birth story, so I will share the abbreviated, kid-friendly version. For the full gory detail version click here (coming soon). (Hey, don't say I didn't warn you.)

Monday evening began the first of two 12-hour rounds of induction intervention. By Tuesday night at 10:00 pm there had still been no change in cervix or dilation. The doctors (and notice I use the plural) let us stay in the hospital overnight Tuesday to rest and began more serious intervention on Wednesday morning. At 8:00 am my water was broken, and by 12:00 they started the pitocin to induce contractions. At 5:30 the epidural was bellowed for and by 6:00 pm life was good again. Labor moved quickly after that. Unfortunately, midway through the final stages poor J.P. became stuck and professional intervention was again needed. The final result...a beautiful baby boy and a mother who needed some quick and important repairs.

We are so very thankful for the many doctors and nurses who cared for all three of us. We know it didn't happen the way any of us imagined, but the right people were definitely in the right place when we needed them to be.

And a huge thank you to everyone who sent email congratulations as well as phone calls and visits. We are surrounded by so many loving family and friends it is truly a blessing. Photos

August 19, 2005
Well, here we are. The tests all went very well this morning. Doctors were all very happy with the results and say the baby is doing great. However....there must be an end to this pregnancy. The child cannot attend college in utero. So, if the full moon tonight does not incite a sudden wave of contractions and the baby to figure this out on its own, we will be sent to the hospital Monday evening to begin the induction process. By Tuesday at the latest we will have a baby!  Yeah!!  If you haven't heard anything by Monday morning, assume we are headed to the hospital that evening. Of course we'll let everyone know the results as soon as we are able on Tuesday.  On a very happy note, we have a wonderful new ultrasound picture to share. The first look at the baby's face full on. Enjoy!

August 11, 2005
Howdy baby fans! Yes, today is Due Day. We had another Dr. appointment today and we are very, verrryy sloooowwwwly moving toward actually giving birth to a real live child.  They all promise me that there will be a birth eventually. If nothing changes in the next week, we go back on Friday, Aug. 19 (19!!!) for another ultrasound and a non-stress test for the baby. Both of those being satisfactory, the doctors will let us go up to two weeks late before inducing. All hopes are that the appointments next week will be cancelled because the baby just couldn't wait any longer to join us.  Eryn's last day of work was Friday, Aug. 5. She has been keeping busy with many projects at home and getting in two naps a day can be a challenge!  John's work-related travel has been suspended and all field research is to be held in the bi-county area only, as decreed by the mom-to-be.  Please keep all three of us in your prayers that all remain healthy and we embrace patience and give baby all the time it needs. Our best to all.

July 5, 2005
It seems everyone is healthy and happy in the O'Shriver household. Baby is apparently learning ancient Chinese martial arts when not concentrating on, you know, growing limbs and things.  Mom is maintaining her blood sugar well with diet and no insulin. And Dad is completing assigned baby-related projects with, if not enthusiasm then at least determination. It was good to see family at the O'Hare reunion in June. And to stay with
Peg and family nearby. Some photos of reunion are available here. We continue to gather necessary items to make baby as comfortable as possible. The infant crib from Eryn's family is in place and ready to go. The new (to us) baby-mobile is now owned by our bank and thoughtfully given to us to drive in the meantime. The dresser is finished and the first load (of thousands) of baby clothes have been washed in Dreft.  Next on the glider rocker.  Woo Hoo!

June 9, 2005
Short belly check appointment today. Everything appears to be going fine. The doctor is happy with the baby's progress. And though I lost another 2 pounds, she says the baby keeps growing, so that's just great!  For those counting, that puts me at a net gain of 3lbs for the pregnancy. Very, very strange!!  Living on the diabetic diet has its challenges, but we are making it work. It still feels like a square peg in a round hole some days. John has been learning with me things like, exactly how much is 6 oz of potato?? We are taking the hospital's Childbirth class this weekend, so will be fully trained by Monday. (Yeah, right!) :)  John has been working diligently on refinishing the dresser we will use for baby. It will have originally belonged to be the baby's great-great-great-great-grandmother. It's a very special connection to keep in the family.


We had a second ultrasound on 5/26/05. According to the tech and the OB, everything looks great. The baby is quite healthy and happy. Unfortunately, at the time of the US baby was being a bit shy and had covered its face with both hands, and a foot just for good measure. So, we didn't get any pictures clear enough to post.

The other news of note is that I failed with flying colors my glucose tolerance test. That and my 7th grade rock identification test are the only things in my life I have completely and utterly failed!!  Anyhow, I am scheduled for the Gestational Diabetes Class on 6/2/05. I anticipate they will tell me to stop eating all of the sweets that I already don't eat. And they will set me up with a monitor, strips, etc. (no, mom, I don't need to borrow any testers right now! ;) The doctor didn't seem too concerned and my weight gain has been minimal so she said to keep doing what we're doing.

We look forward to seeing the O'Hares and a few of the Donnellys in June, then our travel hiatus begins. Best wishes to all.

Eryn, John & Baby O'Shriver


Welcome to our adventure. The pictures on these pages are for family and friends far away to share in our excitement. Most photos have been reduced for easier web loading. If you would like prints of any photo in particular, please let us know and we can have the full size version which is suitable for printing made available. We will send an email when photos are updated.

The first sign....

Sorry it's a little out of focus, we had a loaner camera.

Special thanks go to our next-door neighbor, Andy, and Eryn's student, Adam, for helping us get this going. Thanks guys!! And homage to Jae & Joel from whom we blatantly stole this idea. :)