John    Eryn  

The Baby O'Shriver Adventure Begins

Baby John's first sporting event...ISU Women's Soccer! 
P.S.  They made the NCAA tourney for the first time ever this year.

We tried out the swing. Or did the swing tire us out?

We don't have much floor space, so toy storage has to be vertical!


Hanging out with friends.

Yeah!  We like the duck. Quack!

Hey two-footers!  I think this one needs his pants changed.

Getting bundled in for a ride around the neighborhood.

How YOU doin?

Visitors from Colorado

Aunt Sally with her state fair award winning gift for Baby John.

Gramma Tricia barely said hello before snuggling up to her newest friend.

Grampas work pretty good for napping

So do Aunts.

Happy after a bath.

Hanging out at home.

Three generations of Johns.

Halloween at the Farm

We considered going for the Elvis costume, but decided he probably never played the 100 Acre Wood.

Yes, It was Jack-the-dog's birthday, so both dogs received special treats.

We decorated the Haunted Chicken House this year.

"I have a cousin!"

Grammy and Baby John stayed out of the line of fire during the pumpkin carving extravaganza.

Story Break!

Oh honestly, mother....

"One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just isn't the same...."

Tuckered out after a long night of trick-or-treating.
(Ok, call it what it really is, driving around town mooching candy off our friends! :)

Hanging around home

Sometimes we fall asleep while burping.

For those who still think this child never makes noise. I beg to differ.

Ready for an outing.

We love to sing with the blink-y star!

We are figuring out the thumb sucking deal--note the left hand preference (Woo Hoo! ~ mom)

Though sometimes we get a little confused which hole the thumb goes in.

Dimple Boy.

Hey!!!  Who has the remote thingy?

Again, so you don't think we are neglecting the rabbits.
Here's Tulip in full relaxation mode.