John    Eryn  

The Baby O'Shriver Adventure

Does this binky make me look fat?


Go Cyclones!!!!!

Hey Dad, so this is what casual Friday wear is.

Hey, is that my binky on the floor?

So...Oscar..Rufus..I called this meeting to discuss the ceiling fan fiasco of last week.


Umm Dad, I don't think Iowa Child Welfare would approve of this.

Sorry Aaron,  Even though you came from Hawaii, you didn't win the longest travel award.  But it was still great to see you!

And the winner is...Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Andy.  They came from Japan to see me!!!!!!

Patty cake, patty cake, bakers ma'am, bake me a cake as fast as you three can.

Bailey seems to have regressed to an earlier time in her development.

Scott, your Jedi mind tricks will not work on me, for the force is strong in me.

Nope, Still not working.........

A surprise visit from Cy at the Book Store!

Oh, yeah.  I got me a buzzy chair.

Thanksgiving 2005

And grampy, this is my left foot.

Well, when you soil a pair of pants while visiting your female cousins, you make due with what's available.

Some Happy Baby Pictures


Jazz hands!!

Artsy picture of ice crystals formed by fog.

Oh yes...I see high school graduation picture...

Sniff, sniff....fe, fi, fo, fum I smell a dirty diaper