John    Eryn  

The Baby O'Shriver Adventure

Easter at the Farm....

What's Easter without a tour of the grounds? All aboard!

Bailey cheating on the Easter egg hunt.

And the hunt begins!

**Note:  We were sporting the babushka look because JP's hat had been misplaced and the wind was quite strong that day.
Oh no...look out baby...

It's a drive-by licking!!

Mmmmm...maybe mommy should have let the dye set a little longer before the egg licking began. Note blue lips.

Ya looking at me kid........


Grandpa John came to help out for several days, so he was able to come to the parade with us.

Ooh, daddy, let me get that bit of lamb-b-que for you.

Nap break!

Batteries recharged and ready for some more floats

Not sure if this is a PETA-approved method of fowl transport.

The crying fit that ensued when mommy took the shiny wrapping paper away after opening her mother's day gift.


We bought a new TV stand to keep little hands out of the electronics. We splurged on the "Super Duper Baby Repeller" feature.
       Wow!  It works!

Tickle time

You too can be the yoga master.

Man, this kid will do anything for a sweet potato puffy treat.

"Puffy treat spotted on the radar, Captain!"

"Cancel Red Alert, the puffy treat has been contained."

JP's practicing for his summer Cubs baseball viewing.

OK...put the screw riiiight where my finger is....

I see bald people......

Smile for the camera, Jarrett....OK, that works too!

Happy Cousins

psssst, I got some puffy treats stashed under the sofa, want some?

Kiljohn was here.

This is the face we love to see....

This is the one we worry about!

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it."

Giddy up...

So why doesn't this thing get used more often?

Would you please put that camera down.

I'll make him an offer he can't refuse....

We hire only trained and certified turf specialists for our lawn care needs.


So, wanna knock off a little early and come back to my crib? I got some tasty puffy treats to share.