Engr 101 Engineering Orientation, Section 11

Section 11: W 3:10 p.m., 207 Marston

Instructor:Professor J. V. Shanks

Office: 3031 Sweeney Hall, 4-4828


1. To familiarize you with Iowa State University, the College of Engineering, and Chemical Engineering.

2. To introduce you to other students in Chemical Engineering and encourage you to make friends and form study groups.

3. To help you become familiar with chemical engineering and the chemical engineering programs offered at ISU.


This is class is your first step toward becoming a professional chemical engineer. As professionals, we must always strive to uphold standards of honesty and integrity. (AIChE, our professional society, has adopted a code of ethics in order to define our commitments.) Respect for each other is a vital element of the profession. Attendance in class and completion of assignments are expected.

Office Hours:

T 4-5pm; Th 9:30-10:30 am; 3031 Sweeney or through email (jshanks@iastate.edu).


We will use an ISU WWW application called Classnet. This is an excellent way to ask questions and keep track of your scores. Your login is your email address. Your initial password is the middle group of 9 digits of your ISU card no.

ChE Computer Labs:

Pentium III-450 computers for your use are located in RM 1150 Sweeney. You must have a ChE computer account to access these machines. Your username will be the same as your Project Vincent account. Email Don Schlagel (schlage@iastate.edu) to get your password or if you already have an account but have forgotten your password. Each student is provided with 30 MB of space, so you may want to purchase ZIP disks to back up your work. Guidelines and a list of software available are posted in the lab.


Homework assignments are used as a means to help you accomplish the objectives this semester. There will be 8 assignments.


Grades will be posted on ClassNet. On ClassNet, "0" means not yet completed or attended, "1" means complete. Each class attendance is worth one point. The last class in the semester is mandatory. Each assignment is worth one point. You will receive a satisfactory grade (S) if you obtain at least 18 (out of 19) points.

Special Needs:

Any student with special learning needs is encouraged to see me immediately so that we can make any necessary accommodations.


The syllabus and assignment sheets are subject to change! Teaching and learning are ongoing processes, and adaptation to a given class's temperament and skills is often necessary!