Annotated Bibliography


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I found good information about general symptoms but also a lot of good information on the treatment options. The other information was good information to compare to my other sources.


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This source was very helpful because it gave me good general information to use about all my main points. It didn't go into a lot of detail like other sources.


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The main information I got from this source was in depth facts and steps about every stage of the disease. This was very helpful and easy to understand.


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This site gave me a lot of information I already had so it was really good to compare but i didn't find anything new in it.


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This wasn't a very good site because it didn't have a lot of information that pertained to my paper or it had information I already found.


Olukya, Godfrey. Yahoo! News. 22 October 2010. 28 October 2010 <>.


This was a very good site and was the way I started my paper. It was helpful because it gave a  real news article about an outbreak that really occurred.