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Project Description From the Architect

The house is inserted in the terrain taking advantage of the panoramic views and topography. A perpendicular slope towards the sights and the main volume define two levels which are linked by a single vertical element, the black edged stone chimney that goes through both floors. Access at the top level leads to major facilities: living, dining, kitchen areas and master bedroom, accompanied with two wind protected terraces and a balcony running across all its length, defined by the recessed glass windows in its west view. The lower level contains five bedrooms and a family room. The immediate surroundings and the panoramic views towards the ocean’s horizon, determine the main building programme to open its body parallel to this gifted sight, while all circulations take place around the building’s forest sides. The said situation defines two distinctly different sides; it comes forward with a fully glazed facade that opens entirely to the sea views, when the back entrance is defined with a sealed facade, worked out with timber sleepers interspersed with glass, giving partial views of the woods.

Site Plan

Lower Level Plan

Upper Level Plan

Longitudinal Section

North Elevation

South Elevation

East Elevation

West Elevation