The Hoffmans

Well, if you had a good-looking family like this, you'd post their pictures too!

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John &  Lisa

John and Lisa

The Kids

Marta Marie Mischa Renee Quentin Alexei Emerson Garrett Janae Elisabeth
Marta Mischa Quentin Emerson Janae


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More Pictures

Mother and daughter. Mischa does a slam dunk.
Three sets of blue eyes. Marta and Mischa make a totem pole.
Emerson test drives his new car. Janae and Emerson wait for rain.
Janae helps out on the computer. Emerson and Grandpa take a nap.
Mischa the fish. Quentin climbs the walls.
Janae's very boring birthday cake. Janae blows her "whistle" at Emerson's party.


Janae tells a knock-knock joke. (1 MB)


We are a Family

born in the mind of God eons before our physical existence became a reality. He carefully planned every detail of our being - the color of our eyes and hair, a dimple here, a freckle there - making us unique individuals who would fit perfectly into His plan for our family.

He did not create our diverse personalities to push us into conflict but to give balance to our lives by drawing from each other's strengths as well as complementing each other's weaknesses. Knowing we would need each other to accomplish His special purpose for our lives, He wove certain traits & characteristics into each of us to benefit the entire family. As we place our complete trust in the Lord, He helps us grow, nurture, share, and love.

-- 1985, Anita Robertson