Spatial Ecology of Populations & Communities

The interplay between these factors determine the dynamics, longevity, and diversity of the system.  In general, I prefer to focus on small mammals as they are ubiquitous, energetic, and just plain cute.  Their roles in shaping the rest of any ecosystem are likely to be large but poorly understood. 

If you would like to learn more, you may wish to read some of the publications produced with my graduate students and colleagues.  They are listed in my Curriculum Vitae and most can be downloaded.

If you are interested in graduate work in my lab, I am always interested in conversing with you via phone or email.  To give you some idea of what I look for in prospective graduate students you may want to read this.  My graduate students normally enroll through the Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, but I am also open to taking students through the Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture as well—depending on your interests.

Brent J. Danielson

The work in my lab roughly concerns the overlap of three fundamental components of any ecological system





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