Dubuque, Iowa - Memorial Day Weekend 2005

The horse and carriage is usually in Dubuque parades and stuff.  They were going by really fast!

Newt Marine where my brother used to work.  Here's their tugs and to the right of that is a dock that they can sink and push a barge up on to and then float the dock so they can work on the bottom of a barge.

The Celebration Belle, I have no idea where it ports.

Looking south from Dubuque, a big coal barge is tied up to the shore.  I'm not exactly sure how they get the coal off the barge and onto the land.  Also the Julien Dubuque bridge, I think it was built in the 1930s, it used to be a toll bridge.

The Twilight (left) and Spirit of Dubuque (right).  The Spirit is from Dubuque, obviously, no clue where Twilight's from.  This sidewalk and everything down here is pretty new, finished maybe a year and a half ago.  You can see some kids playing down in the little sand beach they put in there.  The Twilight, Spirit of Dubuque, and Celebration Belle were all open for cruises, but they were like $30/person or so, so we didn't go.  When I was a kid my family went on a dinner cruise on the SoD though.

The barge between the SoD and CB isn't normally there, and these boats normally aren't either.  The barge probably belongs to Newt Marine and the Spirit of Dubuque is normally docked on the opposite side of the harbor from Newt's.

Twilight was really narrow.

Ok, looking the opposite direction (north).  Ahead is the railroad bridge and the headquarters for the Cabela's fishing tournament.  I love this new riverwalk.  It's almost like you're walking right on the water.  Can't believe they aren't required to put a railing up, but it's meant for people to dock and docks don't generally have railings.  Iowa is on the left and Illinois is on the right.

Big glass thing is new.  I haven't been in that building yet.  It's basically a convention center.  Love this sidewalk.

Looking south at the other end of Twilight and the Julien Dubuque Bridge again.

My parents who probably don't know this picture exists.

Iowa Welcome Center and Port of the Diamond Jo Casino riverboat on the left, Julien Inn, 3rd Street Overpass, the Clock Tower, and the Dubuque Building aka Cy-Care Plaza aka Roshek's.

Not sure what my goal of this picture was.  I miss having a boat.

Coming up on the Cabela's barges.  We thought Newt's should have finished painting that big barge before the festivities.

I guess this was to be shown on tv.  Purse was something like $140,000.  First prize was $25,000 and that fishing boat on the left side of the barge.  People from all over the country entered but some guys from Dubuque won!

I think the glass on the building is neat with the light and dark blue "stripes".

You get a bigger idea of the size of that barge when you realize in the center there's a big truck or enclosed trailer, I'm not sure which.

Julien Dubuque Bridge again.  This is where US 20 crosses from Dubuque, Iowa to East Dubuque, Illinois.

This was a new sign I don't remember being here the last time I was down here.  It matches the new one at the Lock and Dam a bit further north.  One barge can carry 1,500 ton and a large semi can carry 26 ton.

I apologize for the blurriness of this picture, but you don't see sailboats on the river too often so I got a picture.

This is where all the fish are weighed in.  Dad said they were only to catch walleye and there were a bunch of other rules.

2th Ferry... get it?  I didn't, my brother figured it out.

See the calliope pipes right by the flag?  It played some recognizable tunes at a really fast tempo.

My dad, brother, and mom, but I was mostly trying to show the Dubuque County Courthouse (gold dome).