I have written publications related to water quality, aquatic vegetation management as well as aquaculture. These publications are available through ISU Extension Publications website as well as the North Central Regional Aquaculture Center.

Water Quality
Water quality is often the most critical element of pond management, either for aquaculture or sportfishing purposes. One ISU extension publication is ISU Extension publication Pm-1352a.

Farm Ponds
Information concerning farmponds and their management is available in ISU Extension publication Pm-1352b as well as the farmpond pamphlet available from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa's Farm Ponds. The private pond owner may obtain fish from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources if their pond meets certain criteris or purchase their fish from a private fish producer. A survey of the private fish producers is used to produce a list of producers as well as their products.

Aquatic Vegetation Management
There are several publications available on aquatic vegetation management, including information on general aquatic aquatic vegetation management, ISU Extension publication PM-1352J, use of copper compounds, PM-1352I, as well as general guidelines related to volume and area calculation, PM-1352D.

In recent years there have been inquiries into the use of barley straw for algae control. Purdue University has a current publication related to its use, publication APM-1-W.

Identification of aquatic plants is the first step in developing a sound management plan. Texas A&M has an excellent web site, Aquaplant, that describes various species of aquatic plans as well as management options. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has a publication indicating rough estimations of applications costs .

Dr. Joe Morris Iowa State University Natural Resource Ecology and Management Office: 515-294-4622