Curriculum Vitae


John E. Mayfield



3306 Buchanan Ct.

Ames IA, 50010

(515) 232 8862


Academic Address:

Department of Genetics, Development, and Cell Biology          

Iowa State University

Ames, Iowa 50011



2011-present         Professor emeritus

1989-2011             Professor, Iowa State University

1995-2004             Associate Dean of the Graduate College, Iowa State University

1994-1995             Chair, Interdepartmental Genetics Major

1983-1986             Chair, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Interdepartmental Graduate Major

1981                      Visiting Lecturer, Trinity College, University of Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

1979-1989             Associate Professor of Zoology, Iowa State University

1977-1979             Assistant Professor of Zoology, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa

1977                      Visiting Associate, Harvard University Biological Laboratories

1971-1977             Assistant Professor of Biology, Carnegie-Mellon University

1971                      Instructor of Developmental Biology, California Institute of Technology

1968-1971             Postdoctoral Fellow, California Institute Technology



1968                      University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA        Ph.D.         Biophysics

1965                      University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA        M.S.          Biophysics

1963                      College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio               B.S.           Physics


Professional Honors:

2005-2006             President of the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools

2007                      Institutional Service Award, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Taught thousands of students for 40 years at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Subjects included Cell and Molecular Biology, Introductory Biology, and Complex Adaptive Systems.



a) Books:

John E. Mayfield (2013). The Engine of Complexity, Evolution as Computation. Columbia University Press.

b) Theses:

John E. Mayfield (1965).  Ultraviolet Dichroism of Flow Oriented Bacteriophage fd.  Masters Thesis, University of Pittsburgh.

John E. Mayfield (1968).  Quantitative Interpretation of Ultraviolet Flow Dichroism.  Ph.D. Thesis, University of Pittsburgh.

c) Peer Reviewed Scientific Articles

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A Protein Released by DNAase 1 Digestion of Drosophila Nuclei is Preferentially Associated with Puffs."  Cell 14, 539-544.

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d) Graduate Education Articles

1. “Supporting Interdisciplinary Initiatives, the Interdepartmental Program Climate and the IGERT Impact at Iowa State University” in the Proceedings of the 63rd Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (2007).

2. “Student Crisis Management,” in the Proceedings of the 61th Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (2005).

3. “The Best Outcome is a Successful Career,” in the Proceedings of the 61th Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (2005).

4. “Integrated Multi-institutional Graduate Programs: Opportunities and Challenges Presented by the Internet,” in the International Journal of Innovation in Higher Education (2004)

5. “The Impact of Policy on Interdisciplinary Graduate Education at Iowa State University,” in Recruiting and Training Future Scientists: How Policy Shapes the Mission of Graduate Education, Merrill Advanced Studies Center, University of Kansas (2003).

6. “The Synergy Between Graduate and Undergraduate Education,” in the Proceedings of the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (1996).



1.  Recombinant Brucella abortus Gene Expressing Immunogenic Protein.  Number:  5,023,174.  John E. Mayfield and Louisa B. Tabatabai.  (1991).

2.  Brucella abortus diagnostic Reagents.  Number:  5,188,936.  Louisa B. Tabatabai, John E. Mayfield, and Bonnie Beck. (1993).