Group Annotated Bibliography


Tressa Borchardt


Al-Ghafari, Iman. Gender Roles in Literature and the Media. 1 September 2007. 27 October 2010 <>.

         This website was not exactly the same as my topic, yet I was used some points I found that were relative to my subject. This site did have a lot of interesting issues in the article that I was unable to use in my paper.

Gender Roles and the Media. 2006. 27 October 2010 <>.

         Ideas that I got from this website were fascinating to me. Everything this website talked about were things that we see every day but may not actually be conscious of what is really going on. I read this article several times and wanted to use more of it in my paper. However, all of the issues would not fit in the paper with the direction in which I took the paper.

Luft, Lane. Gender Roles and Media Influence. 24 September 2009. 27 October 2010 <>.

         I used this website primarily for examples in my paper. I think this site had good instances of what I was talking about. It also helped me to think of other examples to use in my paper.

Verrall, Shari Graydon and Elizabeth. Gender Issues in the Media. 27 October 2010 <>.

         This website, just like my other sources, was very interesting but not always completely relevant to my topic. I thought that it was a well written article and I enjoyed finding it in my research.



Scott Langel

The Economist. 30 December 2009. 4 November 2010 <>.

                The Economist provided valuable information on woman's economic role globally. I took a lot of my information on American woman from this site. The site also provided several charts and graphs which made it easy to understand.

Third World Network. 2 November 2010 <>.

                Although short and sweet, this website gave me a lot of information on 3rd world country economics. It had a focus on south-eastern Asia. A good portion of the article talked about woman's economic roles in Thailand.

USA Today. 3 Novemember 2010 <>.

                The USA Today provided me with a lot of good information on woman's employment in the United States. It provided good statistics as well as good graphs. In addition, it went on to expand about woman in healthcare, education, and government.

Viatori, Maximilian. Womans Social Economic Roles in South East Asia. Lecture. Ames, 2010.

                Dr. Viatori is my current Anthropology professor. I obtained a lot of vital information from his lecture on woman's social economic roles in South East Asia. In addition to his lecture we watched a movie on woman's roles in Thailand. Unfortunately I was not able to obtain this video.

Zhenru Zhang


檸檬の猪. (2007 йил 25-8). Baidu Zhidao. From Baidu:


>. This is someone's opinion, which coincides with mine, so I used this idea.


Anonymous. (2010). Chinese Acient Education. From


>. The website has the information about the Empress Wu Zetian and her contribution toward equality between man and women. The information is very interesting and valuable


Anonymous. (n.d.). Women in Chinese Culture. From kwintessential:


>. The website contains the information of the new attitude of how people look at the equality during the time of new China. Not a lot but very useful information


PANDAJOJO. (2010 йил 13-10). Empress Wu Zetian of Tang Dynasty. From TravelChinaGuide:


>. The website is not related to the topic, but it has the information of the empress Wu Zetian. So I used it.


Pillai, M. (n.d.). Women in Acient Chinese Culture. Retrieved 2010 йил 30-11 from


>. The website has the Website has the opinion about the womens role in education. I found it valuable.



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