Landscape Architecture: An Apocalyptic Manifesto

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pdf file for on-screen viewing (single pages, 8½ x 7")

pdf file for assembling your very own booklet (highly recommended)

1. Download the file.
2. (optional) E-mail file to your LA friends!
3. Open file and print the ten pages on 8½ x 14" (legal size) paper. (Note: pages are not chronologically presented in this file.)
4. Copy the ten pages, using the "duplex" or "single-sided to double-sided page" feature on your copy machine. Pages 8 and 9 should be the top page, while the title and "vortex" graphic should be the last page.
5. Fold the resulting five pages in half, creating a 8½ x 7" booklet
6. Enjoy!

pdf file for single-sided printing (less highly recommended)

1. Download file
2. Print the ten pages on 8½x14" (legal size) paper (Note: pages are chronologically presented)
3. Enjoy!