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Sequence annotation of the barley Mla locus from cultivar Morex ( AF427791)
BAC 711N16 (top 112,178-nt) was sequenced at 12X redundancy and BAC 80H14 (bottom 158,773-nt) was sequenced at 15X redundancy. The two BACs are joined by 9,686-nt of overlapping sequence encompassing RGH3a and the 5' end of the Sukkula retrotransposon. The GC content of 261,265 nt of finished sequence is 44.9%, the CpG ratio is 4.2%, the observed/expected CpG ratio is 0.83, and the CpG/GpC ratio is 1.21. A "+ or -" indicates the direction of transcription; "+" designates the forward strand, "-" designates the complementary strand. A) Annotation of the 261,265-nt region. The dark-red text indicates genes associated with defense responses, while the dark-red underlined arrowhead illustrates the 40-kb tandem duplication. Different colors show different families of genes or transposable elements. B) Nested transposon Complex I on BAC 80H14 between 132,922 and 184,562 nucleotides. C) Nested transposon Complex II on BAC 80H14 between 225,321 and 261,265 nucleotides. Retrotransposon placement was determined by the 5-bp LTR inverted repeat, insertion signature (6-bp direct repeat shown in letters) at the two ends of each element. This direct repeat marks the boundary for each retro element.