Vocabulary Puzzle 2


1 A program you can use to view and casually inspect information on the internet.

2 relating to a logical system that represents the relationship implied by AND, OR, and NOT between other words. A search strategy for information retrieval.

4 To push on the button that is on top of the mouse. You can single-click or double-click.

5 The small vertical line or the arrow on the computer screen that you control with the mouse.


1 To inspect in a casual, leisurely way

2 ON THE MOUSE: The small mechanism that you push to click or hold to control your cursor on the screen. ON THE SCREEN: A small round or square area where you can click to make something different happen. For example, the BACK button at the top of the screen will change the screen to the one you were working on before the present one.

3 Ability to enter, way to participate

4 To stop working on a particular document or program in the computer system or network.

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