Useful Listening Links on the Web

General Listening Sites

Randall's ESL Listening Lab

California Distance Learning

Everyday English conversational dialogues

English Club Listening: BBC, VOA and other materials

About Listening quizzes (British English)

ESL Listening Podcasts

Real English


News Sites

IPTV Frontline (news videos)

Voice of America (audio and video)

 CNN International (videos)

CNN (videos)

Public Radio: Marketplace (Business News)

NPR Online (news and feature stories)

PBS News Hour (audio and video)


Academic Sites

The History Channel (speeches)

CERN Academic Training Program Lectures (videos)(Academic Lectures)

MIT Open Courseware Lectures (Academic Lectures) (do an advanced search for video lectures at this site)

Princeton University Lectures (videos) (Academic Lectures)

Stanford University MBA Lectures (videos) (Academic Lectures)

University of California at Berkeley Lectures (video) Academic Lectures

Wake Forest University MBA Lectures (audio) (Academic Lectures)

National Geographic: Pulse of the Planet (audio and video)

Scientific American Frontiers (audio and video)


Sports and Entertainment Sites

Sporting (radio programs)

BBC Sport (audio and video)

MSN Fox Sports (radio and video)

BBC News: Entertainment (videos)

Reuters Video News (all videos) (movie trailers)

News (tv clips)