Internet Test 2

Unit 3 Browsers, Directories, and Search Engines

Choose the best answer to complete the following questions. Click ANSWERS at the end of the test to check your answers.

1. We need to access the internet. Access means ___________?

a. find and copy

b. make changes in

c. have the ability to enter

d. document

2. The URL is available on the Internet? What is a URL?

a. An address on the World Wide Web

b. A graphic image on the World Wide Web

c. A group of keyboard keys

d. Part of the monitor screen

3. The abbreviation URL stands for __________________.

a. Universal Resource Locator

b. Uniformly Reserved Location

c. Uniform Resource Locator

d. Uniform Resource Link

4. If you need to look for information about biology, I suggest you try Google. Google is _____________.

a. an index

b. a directory

c. a search engine

d. a browser

5. I really prefer to use Yahoo! for my research projects. What is Yahoo!?

a. A web page

b. A subject-tree directory and a search engine

c. A search engine only

d. A browser

6. Boolean operators are necessary for research. What are Boolean operators?

a. Indexes

b. Small spiders that crawl on the web

c. Engines that go on searches

d. Words like and, or and not

7. You navigate around the Internet. Navigate means ________________.

a. to steer a ship

b to find ones way

c. to fly a plane

d. to move around campus

8. What is Netscape?

a. It's an index.

b. It's a browser.

c. It's a search engine.

d. It's a URL.

9.Type your URL in the location box. A location box is a _______________.

a. place where you sit to work on the computer

b. computer screen

c. place to save and print your document

d. place on the screen to type in URL's

10. I am planning to take a class in HTML. What is HTML?

a. Special text that has links to other web sites

b. Internet connections on the web

c. The language used to write documents on the web

d. A system of icons

11. Click BACK in the toolbar. The toolbar is __________________.

a. the area along the side of the screen where you scroll.

b. the area along the bottom of the screen that has arrows.

c. a place to go to get good tools to use on the Web.

d. the area along the top of the screen that has symbols to click.

12. Remember to use the hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are ______________.

a. a group of computers on the World Wide Web

b. graphic images on the World Wide Web

c. a group of keyboard keys that are used to connect you to other computers.

d.words, symbols, or pictures that connect you to other web sites when you click them.

13. What is the major difference between Yahoo! and Alta Vista?

a. Yahoo! is primarily a search engine on the World Wide Web.

b. Alta Vista has more graphic images on the World Wide Web.

c. Yahoo! is more of a directory and Alta Vista is more of a search engine.

d. Yahoo! and Alta Vista have no differences.

14. WWW directories contain _______________.

a. the sameweb sites

b. different web sites

c. browsers

d. glossaries

15. When you use several key words in a search, what is likely to happen?

a. You will find exactly what you are looking for.

b. The search engine will ask you several questions.

c. The search engine will look for each word separately.

d. The search engine will look for the words as a group.