Internet Test 1

Choose the one best answer to complete the following questions. Then click ANSWERS at the end of the test. The ANSWERS window will open. Use the mouse pointer to move the ANSWERS window to the left and review the questions as you look at the answers.

1. When you click the mouse, the computer will link you to another site. What is a link?

a. make a chain

b. make changes in

c. connection

d. document

2. What is a mouse?

a. a small, furry animal

b. a hand-held computer controller

c. keyboard keys

d. monitor screen

3. What is a site?

a. a view from the top

b. a place on the Internet

c. a key on the keyboard

d. a part of the computer

4. Are you looking for information? Maybe you can find it on the World Wide Web? What is the World Wide Web?

a. a place where spiders live

b. programs on the Internet that use hypertext

c. computers that use graphics

d. an address on a computer

5. There is a huge system of interconnected networks on the internet. What are networks?

a. television stations

b. two or more computers connected together

c. programs that go on searches

d. groups of programmers

6. What is the internet?

a. the computers in your office

b. e-mail connections

c. Usenet

d. a world-wide network of networks

7. Move the cursor to the first line of the document. How does the cursor look on the computer screen?

a. like a capital "I" or an arrow

b. like a disk

c. like an icon

d. like a graphic

8. Sites on the World Wide Web have web pages? What are web pages?

a. documents on the computer screen that contain hypertext.

b. documents and pages in a book

c. documents that contain information

d. pages of documents on the computer screen

9. When you finish typing, scroll to the top of the page. Scroll means

a. cut and paste your typing

b. use the mouse to move the bar at the right side of the screen

c. save and print your document

d. click on the box at the top of your screen

10. One of the webpages is the home page? What is a home page?

a. A web page that has your name and address on it.

b. an Internet connection on the web

c. The first page of a web site.

d. a graphic display

11. Web pages have graphics and menus. What are graphics?

a. pictures and symbols

b. letters and words

c. numbers and cursors

d. links and nets

12. What is a menu?

a. a list of food available in a restaurant

b. a graphic of the items

c. an icon of the list available

d. a list of items available to choose from

13. WWW webpages always should include hypertext. What is hypertext?

a. blue words and phrases

b. specially colored words and phrases

c. words and phrases that have links to other web pages

d. colorful graphic images

14. In this class we will use a browser, directories, and search engines to find information. What is a browser?

a. a program that finds information for you on the web

b. a program that lists information available

c. a program that browses through books available

d. a program that you use to look through information on the Internet.

15. What do directories do?

a. list the information you search for

b. list addresses and phone numbers

c. list information by categories

d. list information for librarians

16. What do search engines do?

a. allow you to view information

b. show you information by category

c. run a search for you while you wait

d. run a search for you and write your paper while you wait