Advanced English Grammar
1995 Prentice Hall
ISBN 0-13-096942-7

Answer Key Available

Advanced English Grammar presents advanced grammatical structures in their original academic contexts and prepares students for the complicated academic prose that university students are expected to read and write. In this text, students learn to search for, discuss, analyze, and paraphrase the patterns of English structure that are typical of the textbooks, professional journals, newsmagazines, and newspapers that they will encounter during their studies and careers.

Advanced English Grammar is designed to teach grammar inductively and deductively. In inductive learning, students draw their own conclusions about how the grammar of English operates by examining many examples of a grammatical structure in the context of its real-world use. In deductive learning, students are given grammar rules and then asked to use those rules to read and write grammatical structures.

First, the structures taught in each chapter are introduced inductively by having students read authentic passages.

Second, the structures are reinforced deductively with explanations and charts.

Third, large- and small-group practice and analysis activities lead students to an understanding of how grammar is used by professional writers to express ideas.

The goal of the course is for students to develop their own abilities in the use of appropriate grammatical structures in academic writing.

Table of Contents

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