Advanced English Grammar

Prentice Hall, 1995

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1 The Verb Tenses
CHAPTER 2 Voice: Active and Passive Sentences
CHAPTER 3 Auxiliary Verbs
CHAPTER 4 Relative Clauses, Relative Phrases, and Cleft Sentences
CHAPTER 5 Adverbials Expressing Relationships of Time, Place, Situation, Cause, Effect, and Purpose
CHAPTER 6 Participial Phrases and Absolute Constructions
CHAPTER 7 Adverbial Concepts of Contrast (Concession/Opposition) and Comparison
CHAPTER 8 Adverbial Clauses Expressing Condition
CHAPTER 9 Noun Clauses
CHAPTER 1O Infinitives, Gerunds, and Abstract Noun Phrases:
Expressing Noun Concepts and Other Ideas


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