Our cluster should be able to run all of the INTEL(tm) MPI benchmarks.

From the site

  • http://www.intel.com/cd/software/products/asmo-na/eng/cluster/mpi/219848.htm

       Accept the license agreement and proceed to 
       download a copy of IMB_2.3.tar.gz
       After unzipping/untarring the file:
       Follow the instructions found in ReadMe_first in the IMB_2.3 directory.
       Note:  The distribution comes with CR-newline at the end of each line.
              If that is a problem the following will get rid of the CR characters:
       > pwd
       > mv src orig_src
       > mkdir src
       > cd orig_src
       > foreach file ( `ls -1` )
       > foreach? echo $file
       > foreach? tr -d '\015' < $file > ../src/$file
       > foreach? end
       > cd ../src