Janet K. Krengel, M.Ed.

Iowa State University Areas of Interest:

Council on Sustainability

The Council on Sustainability was founded by Dr. A. Whitney Sanford and myself in 2003.  Through the unlimited support of ISU Vice President for Business and Finance, Mr. Warren Madden, our initiative is gaining tremendous momentum.



Social Capital Areas of Interest:

Boone County Community Services: 

Fatherhood Intervention

The sins of the father indeed are passed down to their children.  The goal of this program is to educate and enlighten men in the Boone County Jail on improving their impact on the lives of their children.


Employment Seeking Skills

The juvenile delinquents in Boone County agree to participate in this educational opportunity that utilizes Social Style Recognition Tools to empower them and reduce recidivism.










" A soul without moral anchoring, has nothing to which the will is bound to submit, nothing innate to keep it in check."  James Davison Hunter




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Council on Sustainability (ISU), Steering Committee Member and co-founder.

Boone Golf & Country Club Board of Directors

Community Partnerships to Protect Children Coalition, Member

Drug Endangered Children Coalition, Member

Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society, Member


These handsome men are MY sons!  Jon and Ben.

My husband and me.

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Menage A Paw

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