stat 579

Introduction to Statistical Computing

Fall 2014

Section A (Statistics Graduates) Thursday 12:10–2:00. Gilman 2272

Section XW tapes based on section A, Fall 2013. Due dates by arrangement

Heike Hofmann,
Office hours by arrangement. Snedecor 2413

TA: Eric Hare
Office hour: W 10-10:50. Snedecor 2418


Course syllabus describing objectives, software used, topics and assessment.

Lectures and timetable

Date Lecture and Resources Homework
R Basics & Setting up the Working Environment
Aug 26/28 First steps in R, good working practices.
Sep 2/4 Numeric and Visual Summaries, Data frames & subsets, logical operators Homework #1, due Sep 9/11/15
Sep 9/11 Subsets, Types and Objects Homework #2, due Sep 23/25/29
Data Manipulation
Sep 16/18 Factors
Sep 23/25 Casting & Plyr Homework #3 for section B due Sep 30,
Homework #3 for sections A and XW, due Oct 2/Oct 6
Sep 30/Oct 2 Functions -->no homework this week, but make sure to practice!
Fall '09 midterm, Fall '10 midterm, Fall '12 midterm
Oct 7/9 Midterm section A (Thursday), Midterm section B (Tuesday) Homework #5, section B due Oct 16
Homework #5 for sections A and XW due Oct 16/20
Oct 14 Functions (section B) Homework #6, due Oct 21
Advanced Topics
Oct 16 (A, XW) Loops and Reshaping (section A & XW)
Oct 23 (A, XW) Maps Homework #7, due Oct 30/Nov 3
Oct 30 (A, XW) Random Numbers, Basic Simulations Homework, due Nov 6/10; Final Project
Nov 6 Regular Expressions & Working with Text Data Homework, due Nov 13, Final Project first stage due
Nov 13 Data from the web Homework , due Nov 21/24
Nov 20 Connecting to Databases, mysql no homework, happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 25/27 Thanksgiving Week
Dec 4 Midterm II - with solution
send drafts of projects by email to Heike, Abstract Submission, 2nd midterm exam - practice, 2nd midterm exam (Fall 2012)
Dec 9/11 Project Presentations Give feedback to the presentations
Dec 18, 12-2pm Project Presentations Give feedback to the presentations

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