stat 557

Categorical Data: Methods for Counts and Proportions

Fall 2012

Tuesday and Thursday 8:00–9:20. Pearson 1106

Heike Hofmann,
Office hours by arrangement. Snedecor 2413


Course syllabus describing objectives, testbook, software used, topics and assessment.

Lectures and timetable

Date Lecture and Resources Homework/Deadlines
Review & Categorical Basics
Aug 21 Distributions for Categorical Data; Confidence Intervals
Aug 23 Binomial, Multinomial & Poisson; Types of Sampling
Aug 28 Lab: Contingency Tables & Graphical Displays
Aug 30 Summary Statistics for Contingency Tables: Odds Ratios, & Mosaics Assignment I, due Sep 13
Sep 4 Tests for independence, Local Odds Ratios; Concordance and Discordance;
Theory of Generalized Linear Models
Sep 6 Introduction to GLMs; GLMs for Binomial Response
Sep 11 Diagnosing GLMs; Fitting GLMS: Newton Raphson Deviance
Sep 13 Lab meeting Assignment II, due Sep 27
Binomial & Multinomial Response
Sep 18 Inference for Logistic Regression
Sep 20 Model selection & diagnostics for Logistic regression
Sep 25 Multinomial Logistic Regression
Sep 27 Proportional Odds Logistic Regression
Loglinear Models
Oct 2 Loglinear Models
Oct 4 Midterm I
Oct 9 Lab: Loglinear Models
Oct 11 Relationship between Loglinear Models and Logistic Regression, Association Models Assignment III, due Oct 25
Oct 16 Association Models
Oct 18 Poisson Rate Regression Project Information
Matched Pairs Models
Oct 23 Ordinal and Nominal Responses in Matched Pair Models
Oct 25 Symmetry, Quasi-Symmetry & Quasi-Independence
Oct 30 Lab: Models for Squared Data
Nov 1 Bradley Terry Models
Models for Longitudinal Data
Nov 6 Repeated Measures Models
Nov 8 Project Discussion in the lab
Other Topics
Nov 13 Classification Trees Final Project: Draft Write-up due
Nov 15 Forests, Neural Networks
Nov 20/22 Thanksgiving Week
Nov 27 Lab: Repeated Measures: GLMM
Nov 29 Lab: Repeated Measures
Dec 4 Project Presentations Give Feedback
Dec 6 Project Presentations Give Feedback
Dec 14 Final Exam Time: 7:30 am - 9:30 am