stat 480

Applied statistical computing

Spring 2014

Tuesday & Thursday. 9:30–10:50. Gilman 2272

Heike Hofmann,
Office hours: T/TR after class, Snedecor 2413

Eric Hare,
Office hour: M 2:10 - 3:00, Snedecor 2418


Course syllabus describing objectives, software used, modules and assessment.

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Lectures and timetable

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Date Lecture and Resources Homework
Data collection and organisation with Excel
14 Jan Introduction and excel basics
16 Jan Data collection Week 1, due 23 Jan.
21 Jan Organizing Data
23 Jan Summarizing and exploring data Week 2, due 30 Jan.
28 Jan Numeric and Visual Data Summaries
30 Jan Graphics in Excel Project I, due 4 Feb/20 Feb.
Introduction to R through graphics
4 Feb Introduction to R
6 Feb Draft project review, Project Work Week 4, due 13 Feb.
11 Feb Graphics in R
13 Feb Subsetting Data Week 5, due 25 Feb.
18 Feb Factors in R
20 Feb Reshaping Data: Melt and Cast Project 2, due Feb 27/Mar 27.
Programming in R
25 Feb Loops w/o loops & Functions Week 6, due 4 Mar
27 Feb plyr & Functions
4 Mar Functions and conditionals Week 7, due 11 Mar
6 Mar Loops and why to avoid them
Advanced Graphics in R
11 Mar Maps in R, Time Series No homework!
13 Mar Time series
18/20 Mar Spring break
25 Mar Simulation Week 8, due Apr 1
27 Mar More on Simulation
1 Apr Buffon's Needle: Simulating Pi Project 3, due 10 Apr/24 Apr/9 May
Week 10, due Apr 8
Interactive Graphics
3 Apr Interactive Graphics with iplots
8 Apr Clustering in R and ggobi
Dealing with very large data in R
10 Apr Databases in R: dplyr and MySQL abstract submission, old presentation schedule and abstracts (Spring 2013)
15 Apr SQL and Joins Week 13, due Apr 22
SAS, the industry standard
17 Apr SAS Enterprise Guide
22 Apr First Programming Steps in SAS
24 Apr Polishing your presentation
Project presentations
29 Apr
(dead week)
Project presentations
1 May
(dead week)
Project presentations
7 May
(finals week) Wed 9:45-11:45 a.m.
Project presentations

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